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About Sojourner Truth - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 893 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/07/26 Category People Essay Level High school Tags: Sojourner Truth Essay Did you like this example? Therere many influential women in US history. One of these women is Sojourner Truth, an African American, evangelist, abolitionist, womens rights activist, and author. To better understand how Sojourner Truth began her journey, I feel it is important to first understand where she came from and the harsh realities that she faced during her youth and continued to face throughout her life. Sojourner Truth was born Isabella Baumfree in 1797. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "About Sojourner Truth" essay for you Create order At the young age of nine Isabella was sold at a slave auction for $100 and a flock of sheep. Isabella was released into the custody of a man that was to become her master. A man who subjected her to harsh physical labor and violent punishments. By the time she reached her teens she had already been sold two more times. She ended up in the home of a man named John Dumont. When she was 18 years old Isabella fell in love with a fellow slave. Their love however was not to be. The two slaves had separate owners and were denied the right to marry. Instead a young Isabella was forced into a marriage with another slave owned by Dumont. The couple eventually bore five children together, children that were also sold into slavery. Freedom was promised to her at one point with the stipulation that if she would do well and be faithful Dumont would release her. However, Dumont was not to be trusted, he decided not to hold up on his end of the bargain. It was at this point that Isabella decided to take things into her hand by escaping his clutches as fast as she could walk away with her youngest female child. It is said that Sojourner Truth later said, I did not run off, for I thought that wicked, but I walked off, believing that be alright. Due to the unfortunate circumstances she had to leave behind her other f our children due to them being legally bound. Isabella escaped to New York where she was taken in by a couple who bought her for $20 from Dumont when he came looking to get his property back. In 1827 the New York Anti-Slavery Law was passed. It was after this law was passed that Dumont decided to illegally sell her five-year-old son. With the help of the family she was staying with she sued Dumont for the return of her son. It took months but she won the battle and her son was returned to her. Isabella became the first ever black woman to sue a white man and succeed. This couple that had so helped her family had a profound impact on the outcome of her life. Living with them had made her more religious woman and she became a devout Christian. In 1829 she moved to New York City where she would work for a preacher as a housekeeper. Living among those that were in the faith helped to build her own faith, she began to love preaching the gospel. It is because of her faith that Isabella came to be Sojourner Truth, as she believed it was her obligation to go forth and speak the truth, the truth about slavery and oppression, to fight for equal rights. As she built a following, Truth became more and more popular. She had opportunities to meet with other abolitionists, such as William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass. Though it is said that Truth and Douglass went their separate ways after he made some comments about men and women that she did not agree with. She also got to know fellow womens rights advocates Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. In 1851 Truth gave her most famous speech yet, the one that asks the question, Aint I A Woman?. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this speech as it has been interpreted many different ways. In some translations the phrase Aint I A Woman is never even used. During the Civil War she helped recruit black soldiers and she worked in D.C. to help rally people to donate food, clothes and other supplies to black refugees. All of Truths activism caught the eye of a very important gentleman, President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. He invited her to the White House in October of 1864 and shared with her a gift he was given by African Americans in Baltimore, a Bible. While she was in Washington, she would ride on whites-only streetcars to protest. Once the Civil War ended she worked hard to help find jobs for freed blacks that were weighed down by poverty. Truth dedicated her life to abdicating for equal rights not only for people of color, but women as well. She fought for everyone to have equal rights. She fought for these rights until the day she died and she passed the fight on to her children who continued it after her death. Truth was a true warrior. In her own words, Children, who made your skin white? Was it not God? Who mad mine black? Was it not the same God? Am I to blame, therefore, because my skin is black? Does not God love colored children as well as white children? And did not the same Savior die to save one as well as the other? Many people believe that this is a perfect summary of Truths life and fight for equality, myself included.

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The Rest Cure The Yellow Wallpaper - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1084 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/05/13 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Did you like this example? Definition In the yellow wallpaper, the husband of the narrator prescribes to her something which is referred to as yellow cure, even though this rest cure is not explicitly mentioned in the yellow wallpaper. His husband, John, who is a doctor, has diagnosed her with a nervous condition or a mild hysterical tendency. According to the narrator, the diagnosis involves treating which involve avoiding work, social interaction and avoiding strenuous activity or anything that leads to high stimulation (Golden 8). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Rest Cure: The Yellow Wallpaper" essay for you Create order This, therefore, implied that the narrator was too confined in a room and not allowed to do something by her. This treatment, therefore, is referred to as a rest cure. This treatment, therefore, leads to isolation and boredom which is brought about by having nothing to do but to stare at the wallpaper at the room. As it may be presumed, this is unhealthy means of an unproductive way of an individual spending their lives despite any condition which he or she may be suffering from. This leads to narrator losing her sanity and starts experiencing hallucination and become a woman who lives behind yellow wallpaper. She, however, does not break a grip of the control and suffering over her. She is excited that she got out at last and she proposes never to go back to that life again. The isolation process that the narrator receives and is one of the factors that contribute to the rest cure and enlightened the mind that made her move away from the oppression of her husband through the diagnosis of the rest cure and the inability to think and do anything of her own. The history of the rest cure This cure was invented towards the end of the 19th century by Silas Weir Mitchell, who was an American neurosurgeon and became widely used in both USA and the UK in the early 20th century. This cure was developed during the civil war when the trireme of soldiers who experienced severe nerve damage from bullets and therefore developed wounds (Golden 22). The pain experienced from such injuries drove soldiers to produce violent behavior. The solution was consequently narcotic and rest cure to help those individuals overcome such conditions. Four essential elements characterize this treatment these include face feeding, bed rest, electrical stimulation of muscles and massage. This cure was later adopted as a cure for hysteria and any other neuron disorder among the civilians. This condition of hysteria is today characterized by some psychological personality disorder that affects both male and female gender. It is marked by a range of physical and mental symptoms. However, during Mitchells period, the condition was purely a disease and was known to affect women exclusively Mitchell, developed several crude misconceptions about the situation and therefore he was known to be very unsympathetic to patients who he diagnosed with the case in the use of rest cure. Among the mistakes he developed about the disease include the character of the women who were nervous, who were thin and who had strong ambitions and were in the line of competing with men. These women he diagnosed were not allowed to feed or bathe themselves. They were not also to be visited by friends or family, therefore cutting them from social life. This treatment was, therefore, a way of mistreating women and discouraging them from reaching the level they are capable due to their threat to men. It was a treatment which was consequently related to sexism and misogyny especially in the kinds of literature by the modern writers. The rest cure led to the disastrous result and therefore was not a better way of conducting the womens treatment. It was a way of mistreating a woman and not allowing them to experience the joy of society. However, the diagnosis was valid in case of conditions such as brain injury and the individual had to take a rest to enhance neither his nor her recovery. Importance of this rest cure Rest cure had a lot of significance in the treatment of a psychological disorder in an individual. It is not to be associated with particular sex since it helps to cure both the female and the male genders from brain injuries and other psychological disorders. However, the condition was misused to undermine women in the society and made them remain low through isolating them from the rest of the world. It, therefore, helped women to discover themselves and understand the threat men received from their progress (Golden 13). It also opened a way for resistance from the mistreatment by men who felt threatened by the progress of woman in the society. It led to the development of misconception about the treatment and made a woman suffer in society due to that misinformed n treatment for a condition that was not related to any disease or psychological complications. Relationship to text Based on the experience by the narrator, to contextualize this cure to the context of the Yellow Wallpaper story, Gilman viewed her husband as her physician at the beginning and placed all her faith in him. The treatment she experienced was intolerable, and it was accompanied by cruelty. She, therefore, realized that it was a form of manipulation by men who suffocated her during the time of treatment. No other doctors or her husband listened to her during the, and therefore according to her, it was a form of therapy that was ineffective and did not meet the requirement for handling human (Golden 25). The leading cause of suspicion and decision by John to take his wife to such a cruel treatment was because he did not want her to have an opinion on the design of the house and tell John what was best for their home at that particular time. This use of rest cure, therefore, inspired the narrator to reveal to the world about the kind of treatment and the mistreatment that women undergo once they are diagnosed with that condition. She also highlights the misconceptions that were developed for the cure and its scope of treatment. Through her writings, she helps to change the ideologies and delusions that have been used to mistreat woman who tries to air their opinion to the society. Her book, therefore, caused protest from all another woman as they opposed the method. The narrator s story is one of the inspirations that changed the sexism approaches in social and enabled the removal of gender-based discrimination in modern society. The story helps to give women power in the community.

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Nutrition study worksheet Free Essays

The topic I chose was eggs. The article (Marcela, 2011)feels organic eggs don’t cause heart disease. The hens are feed vegetables and no vaccines or hormones that have made the eggs unhealthy. We will write a custom essay sample on Nutrition study worksheet or any similar topic only for you Order Now For Example: The hens are able to run free without being in a tight space with the other hens. Another example: Claims are made when you cook eggs the protein in the egg helps to lower your blood pressure instead of raising it. Organic eggs are one of the best foods a person can eat to stay lately (Marcela, 2011). 2. What health claims are stated in the articles, such as drinking coffee every day will lower one’s risk for cancer? The health claims in article is Organic eggs are suppose to have less cholesterol, h less saturated fat 2/3 more vitamin A,E and seven times more carotene (Marcela, 2011). They are a good source of nutrients. The other article say eaten eggs will not extended your life on earth it will decrease it (Greer, 2011). 3. Do any of the articles’ claims seem too good to be true? Does it seem that the authors are seeking personal gain in any way? Explain your answers. The article that seems too good to be true is the article on another reason to ignore warnings about eggs. I believe this person who wrote the article eats eggs and don’t want to really believe the risk involved with eating eggs at all. I also believe the person who wrote the article may benefit from stating these claims. The article I feel seem to be true is (Greer, 2011)article on bad eggs. I do also believe the person who wrote this article is a vegan who doesn’t like any type of eggs or dairy products and is against hens living together in such a small place. I also believe he may feel they all come from the same place. I feel it may be true because I do believe your cholesterol levels will go up high no matter what eggs you eat. I believe eggs could have salmonella poisoning in it and kill a lot of people as well as have people develop diabetes from eating eggs everyday. I don’t believe they are a good source of proteins at all. . What are the respective sources of these articles (testimonials, peer-reviewed study)? Studies was done and 77% of women and 58% men eating one egg a day increase their chances of developing type 2 diabetes including premature death and earth failure (Greer, 2011) Studies also show eggs has nothing to do with raising a person’s cholesterol levels even thou egg yolks will raise your cholesterol levels. They are also a ri ch source of antioxidants which helps to prevent blindness (Marcela, 2011). 5. 6. Is the information presented in each article new or has it been studied extensively over time, achieving the same results? Both articles have been studied overtime achieving the same results this moment but both have different opinions on eggs. Department of agriculture there was a 2009 study done on eggs and how they are a DOD source of vocative peptides. In 2005 research showed how people eating eggs everyday did not increase their risk of having a heart attack and their cholesterol level did not increase. . Now that you have gone through the details of each article, do you have any reservations about the information in either one? If so, explain why. Has the process of analyzing the two articles changed your opinion on the topic? Explain your answer. Yes after analyzing the articles my opinion on eggs is very different. I use to think eggs were good for you. I am now convinced no eggs are good for you at all to eat. Your chances of living longer on earth can be shortened. I believe I was blinded by the commercials all my life on how eggs are nutritious for you but if you look at it they always say fresh eggs not healthy on commercials. How to cite Nutrition study worksheet, Papers

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Importance of Classical Theories of Management-myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theImportance of Classical Theories of Management. Answer: Introduction The management theories rely upon the important observations, which would ultimately create a framework for the activities of business. The implications of the management information system are important in todays world because the production of reports on a daily basis is important for a company. Such system is maintained by the guidelines of the current theories. The models or the theories would focus on the experiences of the individuals and these theories would further act as the guidelines for the managers while practicing management in their offices (Gao, 2016). There are various modern and traditional based models, which act as the guidelines for the managers. In this context, it is important to discuss the importance of the historical analysis of the management theories and the way these theories would prepare a person as a manager in this new information age. Against this background, it is significant to understand the vital arenas of the issues of the contemporary managemen t and the reasons for embracing the traditional system of management. The theories such as Scientific Management theory, Management theory of Bureaucratic and the Human relations movement are the different traditional theories which should be taken into account while the implementation of the theories are done (Gao, 2016). In this new information age, the traditional outlooks should not be overlooked completely as they also provide the basic outlines and the primary ones; they can prove to be helpful while making a greater career in the field of management. Background The theory of classical management (1900- 1930) depends upon the trust that workers have economic and physical needs. It does not take into consideration about the needs of the society or the satisfaction of the job. It believes in the Hierarchical structure, specialization and providing incentives to the workers. It acts as a base for the future management process. It advocates the scientific study of the classical theory of management along with the bureaucratic theory of management and administrative management. Literature Review During the age of information, the society has become knowledge based, which is surrounded by the highly technological global economy that has its influence on the sector of manufacturing and services. In this world of globalization, it is important to take into account the importance of the management and the way one must prepare them to become a manager in the organization (Errington, 2015). To align with the globalization, the new management theories are being considered half of the time to utilize the contemporary management theories and how they would be helpful at most of the times to prepare one for to meet the challenges of the globalization (Jones, 2015). However, there are shortcomings, which are involved in this context. To keep pace with the rapid globalization, the managers in the organization are into taking many risky works and thus at many times leading to the failure of the progress of organization. The contemporary theories at times failed to guide the managers prop erly where the managers these days are mainly dependant in a situation wise. This would lead to the failure on the part of the managers in terms of change management. Another most important failure of the contemporary management practices are the managers might become inappropriate while they take too much time towards the practices of the new implementation theory and this would lead to the practices of the fundamental management of controlling and monitoring are sidelined. The authors even predicted that the theories are not based soundly (Cherry, 2016). The contemporary theories also at time failed to give recognition to the relationship between the leaders and members. In many organization these days, due to the rapid growth of globalization, the organizations are running after profits by overlooking the principles of ethics. To earn profits, without understanding the proper internal and external environment of the company, the managers are being impatient and forcing the member s to do their work without any proper coherency, this is leading to the highest turnover (Amin, 2014). Therefore, in most cases, the contemporary factors of the management failed to realize the wants of the company in the field of decision making process as well. This decision making process can be dragged for many months in order to conclude (Griffin 2013). This problem may further be supported by the poor research of the market and the employees at time also believe that they are not being valued properly. Thus, the contemporary management is not coming to help in many cases. Therefore, in some cases, the historical theories of management at times would come to help to let someone to become a proper manager. Classical based approach is regarded as one of the oldest school of thought, which started in the year 1900, and it continued till the year 1920. It is mainly focuses on the efficiency of the worker and the management practices of the organization, which is the outcome of a carefully done observation. The approach focuses on the economic efficiency in the world of globalization (Shafritz, 2015)Classical approach is a base which would help the employee to build a dream which would suit them as a manager. It is a learning process and induced with certain philosophical ideas which are helping out the employees and the people who are looking forward to become manager in a good firm or organization. The traditional approaches are Scientific Approach, bureaucratic and administrative management (Easterby-Smith, 2012). Discussion The theory of the scientific management theory focuses on the measurement of the tasks of the various organizations. Tasks are standardized and the workers are awarded or punished according to the task they do. With the implementation of the Time and Motion Study where Frederick Taylor focused on the ways, he can reduce the motions while doing a task for increasing the productivity. The managers of McDonalds for making the appropriate process of making burger, which the workers of the organization follow, use the element of his theory (Warning 2016). The five important principles of the scientific managements are the clearer sight of the responsibilities and tasks, the proper use of scientific methods in order to determine one of the best ways of doing the right job properly, scientifically selecting the best person for the newly framed out job. One of the principles also incorporate the workers to perform one of the best jobs. This is being properly handled by the organizational str ucture of the Google, which generally enable the workforce to act scientifically in terms of doing projects through proper means of information system (Waring, 2016). Therefore, it could be stated that the scientific management being a classical theory has become the part of any organization in this 21st century era. It has represented its strength in creating a gap between the functions of the management and the functions of the work in the levels of the industries. It also has the strength of making the firm work efficiently through the substitution of the rules of thumb which have proved its application worldwide (Daft, 2012). It can be said that Scientific Management is the part of any types of organization in the 21st century. It has produced its strength in making a divide between work and management functions (Bell, 2012).The Modern organizations give importance to the social factors such as the initiatives of the employee, adaptability and loyalty alongside with the efficiency. Bureaucratic Management Theory contains two important parts. First, it consists of structuring an organization into the form of hierarchy. Second, the firm and its members are administered clearly by legal-rational decision making norms. Each element gives aid to the organizations to achieve their goals. An organizational hierarchy is the way of organizing the steps of authority to the levels above and below. As the size of the business grows, there is an increasing want to delegate the responsibilities to departments and managers, who can run that particular arena of the business autonomously in order to ensure that the organization would meet the fulfillments. However, in the course of the 21st century, this management still exists and the practices of this management by the organizations are framed out to design in favor of the minority groups (Van 2014). The current presence of the bureaucracy is at first attributed to the positive influences that have its suitability at the different extent of the organizations in the level of development. This bureaucratic management can be easily proved helpful if the members of the organization have interest in common. To top it, bureaucracy has been identified as an important style of management, which grow trusts motivation, and commitment of the employees. For example, Toshibas Fuchu American company are standardized and formalized at a higher degree without avoiding the developers of software (Sturdy, Wright and Wyile 2016). Therefore, the new information age is the efficient world where the ends are achieved through the means of concentrating, likewise, once the efficiency is being guaranteed, organizations would have the ability to prove their competitive advantage. Another important example is the modern United States Military. The divisions in this organization are a systematic one where the army division is divided into a number of brigades. The brigades are further divided into battalions, then the battalions are divided into companies, and again companies are broken into the form of platoons. Each level of hierarchy is vested with particular functions to meet the specific organizational goals. Bureaucracy is an important information system where the people systematically collect the information, filter it and create the distributive data. Thus, it is an effective means of communication, which is being still practi ced in the 21st century (Sturdy, n.d.) In the year 1916, The administrative management is the first attempt to provide the administrative management theory which is an initiative to render help to colleagues in order to manage better in the face of unprecedented changes in commerce and business. The administrative management are relevant and appropriate for the managers in todays world. The management incorporates planning, organization, co-ordination and direction which would prove to be effective means of administrative management. The primary objective of the administrative management which benefits the public more (Tengblad, 2012). The organization such as IAM, which stands for International Association of Movers is promoting best practices. The institution increases the productivity like the huge quantities of vital information, which are to be coped on their daily basis. The organization believes that promotion of the best picture while managing the information is necessary (T engblad, 2012). Managerial Implications refers to the practical ways to use information or the observations, which can be utilized to construct practical decisions as whether to move further with a venture, the amount to invest, the distribution system which would be used or the way the allocation of the budget in the firm (Brockhoff, 2013). The innovation in the services, goods and services are required to transform the management with the development of the new information system and by aligning with the use of classical management theories, can integrate the managerial implications and implement in a proper way. By utilizing the use of classical theories of management, it is important to gain knowledge on the character of the implications of manager. Therefore, in this new information age, other than applying the new theories as the main domain for the managers to practice the management work, but also the historical theories can be utilized to make the workings more innovative and successful (Br ockhoff, 2013) Conclusion Therefore to conclude, it can be stated that, with the coming of the new innovative world based on new information age, the managers are struggling enough to keep pace with the change of globalization. This also at times leading to the failures of the managers as they were busy in implementing the new contemporary management theory in the organizations. The managers as well is not at times proficient enough to carry out their tasks in the change environment and also maintaining environment proficiently. So, the different traditional theories can come in use if one is to prepare themselves to become an effective manager. In order to implement the classical management theory, it is important for the manager to understand the current style of management, which would give the clear reflection of strengths, and weaknesses that one is not aware of while practicing the management organization. In order to implement the classical management theories in the new information system of the era, the consultant should be hired and a careful planning is needed to be done. If one is implementing the new style of management including the management theories, the scientific theory must be inculcated which would provide help to the organizations transition at a faster pace. The classical theories follows a systematic form of hierarchy and it should make the employees feel that they are important part of the process. References Amin, S., 2014. Capitalism in the age of globalization: The management of contemporary society. Zed Books Ltd... Bell, R. a. M. J., 2012. The relevance of scientific management and equity theory in everyday managerial communication situations.. s.l.:s.n. Brockhoff, K. C. A. a. H. J. e., 2013. The dynamics of innovation: strategic and managerial implications. Springer Science Business Media.. s.l.:s.n. Cherry, B. a. J. S., 2016. Contemporary nursing: Issues, trends, management. Elsevier Health Sciences.. s.l.:s.n. Daft, R., 2012. Organization theory and design. Nelson Education.. s.l.:s.n. Easterby-Smith, M. T. R. a. J. P., 2012. Management research.. s.l.:Sage.. Errington, A. a. B.-L. D., 2015. Management by textbook: The role of textbooks in developing critical thinking.. s.l.:Journal of Management Education, 39(6), pp.774-800.. Gao, C., 2016. The relationship between training, work attitudes, leadership and job performance (Doctoral dissertation, Universiti Utara Malaysia). Jones, G. a. G. J., 2015. Contemporary management. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.. s.l.:s.n. Shafritz, J. O. J. a. J. Y., 2015. Classics of organization theory. Cengage Learning.. s.l.:s.n. Sturdy, A. W. C. a. W. N., n.d. . Managers as consultants: The hybridity and tensions of neo-bureaucratic management.. pp. Organization,23(2), pp.184-205.. Tengblad, S. e., 2012. The work of managers: Towards a practice theory of management. Oxford University Press.. s.l.:s.n. Waring, S., 2016. Taylorism transformed: Scientific management theory since 1945. UNC Press Books.. s.l.:s.n.

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Is The Importance of Being Earnest a Realistic Fiction free essay sample

Realistic fiction is stories about imaginary people and/or events that can actually happen (Cullinan, 1989). The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde may seem realistic but, in fact, it is not. Fictional characters of the Victorian Period and various occasions of ridicule represent nothing but sarcastically mirror the reality of the Victorian society. The characters look humane and world view seems to be based on the Victorian society. Many scenes in the play suggest, with sarcasm, possible situations in the period. The Importance of Being Earnest chimes with Abrams’s notion of â€Å"realistic fiction† through three themes: the nature of marriage, the restriction of morality, and the lack of earnestness. The nature of marriage has a leading role in developing the plot of The Importance of Being Earnest and is a major debate on whether the reality is â€Å"pleasant†. Discussion about the nature of marriage first appears in the opening scene of Algernon and Lane talking about how demoralising marriage can be. We will write a custom essay sample on Is The Importance of Being Earnest a Realistic Fiction? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Lane remarks that his marriage was pleasant but has ended because of â€Å"a misunderstanding between himself and a younger person† (Wilde, 2006), which might be between him and his younger self or his ex-wife. This reflects the reality that, in the Victorian Period, marriage could be lax and divorce was common. The next question on the nature of marriage emerges when Algernon and Jack have a little disagreement on whether proposing to a woman is â€Å"pleasure† or a â€Å"business†. â€Å"Business† does not describe marriage proposal correctly. Although the result of a proposal may usually be an acceptance, the process is where it is romantic and hence â€Å"pleasure†. Before the marriage proposal, Gwendolen tells Jack that she loves a man called Ernest because she believes the name â€Å"inspires absolute confidence† (Wilde, 2006). Even before she knows Ernest, she already has fascination with him. Marriage is thought to be serious and getting married should be thoroughly considered. Gwendolen, however, superficially believes all that is told to her. Satire Lady Bracknell has a list of eligible bachelors in which Jack is not in it. She questions Jack of how competent he is that she has to consider him based on her assumptions of the nature of marriage. She regards smoking as an â€Å"occupation† and knowing nothing as â€Å"a delicate exotic fruit† (Wilde, 2006). Apparently, these assumptions make no sense and are sarcasm which the opposites are, in fact, the real, normal requirements, such as occupation and knowledge, for an eligible man (SparkNotes Editors, 2004). Morality in the Victorian Period affected the society and is another theme of dialogues in the play. Jack states that reading a private cigarette case is â€Å"ungentlemanly† (Wilde, 2006). Algernon responds with â€Å"it is absurd to have a hard and fast rule about what one should read and what one shouldnt. More than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldnt read. † with Wilde’s intention that moral limits how Victorians lose a majority of their freedom due to social practice (Wilde, 2006). The conversation suggests an over-moralised Victorian society which constraints Victorians behaviours. In fact, the book title has already hinted a paradox of being Ernest or earnest. Earnestness, the extent of being sincere (Oxford Dictionaries, 2013), is one of the major sources of Wilde’s satire. Jack seems to be an earnest man but he uses two names—Jack in the country and Ernest in town. Ernest is the name Jack invented for going to town. Algernon does a similar thing that he creates a dummy called Bunbury for him to go to the country. One does not need en extra name unless they need to control how identities present themselves to different people. When Gwendolen tells him that she loves a man named Ernest, which is indeed Jack, he does not directly tell his true name and later proposed to her by taking advantage of â€Å"Ernest†. Earnestness, as mentioned above, is about sincerity. The Importance of Being Earnest is indeed the importance of not being earnest. Plenty of seriousness in the play denotes the opposite—frivolousness. Algernon hates when meal is not taken seriously by people. He even thinks they are â€Å"shallow†. This extreme thought cannot be taken seriously since not being â€Å"serious† about meals does not render one superficial. Another apparent example is Gwendolen’s belief of style, but not sincerity, having a great significance. She contradicts herself saying earlier that â€Å"Ernest† gives her fascination from its possible notion of sincerity. Obviously, Gwendolen is not serious about â€Å"style† or else she would not have loved Ernest. The Importance of Being Earnest is filled with satire and sarcasm which Wilde used to reflect and criticise the Victorian society. All characters and events themselves in the play look very real. Common readers who do not know the Victorian Period may perceive them to be sophisticated and humane. It is the satire that readers will find world view in the play a reflection of reality rather than plain history. The Importance of Being Earnest supports Abram’s notion of realistic fiction. ?

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Book Review - Gilda Radner essays

Book Review - Gilda Radner essays Gilda met Gene Wilder while they were making a movie - Hanky Panky. It wasnt too successful, nor did it do well for her career, but it did change her life. They were married in the south of France on September 19, 1984. (p.17) Gene loved France. Gilda had been there only once before when she was eighteen. All the terrible things that happen to tourists happened to her while she was there. She lost her travelers checks, she got diarrhea from getting so upset over the Anne Frank house. She said a lot of weird stuff happened while she was in Paris... that was...nicely put, not too romantic. Well all this being said, Gilda learned to love Paris after seeing it with Gene. Gene was also really into sports, and this got Gilda into it. She even took tennis lessons. She really wanted to be married to him though. Well not too long after their trip to Paris, they broke up. She was pretty upset. She decided to direct her love elsewhere and get a dog. Something Gilda said that was cool: Dogs are the most amazing creatures... they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. So Gilda gets Sparkle and her and Gene get back together about five weeks later. (p.26) They do another movie together, The Woman In Red, which turned out to be mildly popular. They were going to go to France again but Sparkle ate rat poison so Gilda had to stay home and take care of her. She told Gene to go on and go though. And he did. When he came back he brought her an engagement ring. So then they went back to France and got married there. Chapter 2 The Baby and the Movie Star p.30 Gilda wanted to have a baby with Gene but her tubes were closed. But she refused to accept the infertility sentence that had been handed to her. But she also found it very difficult to literally make the decision to have a baby. She had been pregnant in the sixties, and at nineteen years old had an...

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888 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

888 - Essay Example Said traces most of his perceptive from the colonial era at a time when America had not become the world’s superpower. At this time, the British had colonies in the East and the French was also on the verge of establishing dynasties in the same location. The paper identifies, interprets and analyzes some of the proponents of the Said for use as a lens in the analysis of a primary text. Said pinpoints some assumptions made by the West about the Orient. He assumes that the West perceives Arabs as dishonest, menacing, anti-western and irrational. The text reveals that the thoughts presented in it are in opposition to how he considers the West to think of themselves (5). Therefore, he outlines his broadly projected image of the people of Arabic nature as they feature in the minds of the Western people. Specifically, he acknowledges that the Arabs exist in the western minds as â€Å"others.† According to them, anyone who is not one of them belongs to the category of others. The author addresses his issues using assumptions that one may risk considering to be truthful (7). If one takes such a positive stance, his ideologies and relations with the Arabs may be jeopardized. Hence, while considering Said’s arguments one should be cautious to avoid bias. The call for a new perception and treatment of â€Å"the Orient† that permits the independent representation of authors who belong to the Orient as opposed to the reliance on the second-hand representation is valuable. In respect to the profound dependence on other personalities for ideas, it is significant to notice the widespread use of the word â€Å"orient† on almost half of the world. The mentioning of a greater part of the world as orient expands the bracket of disparity and intensifies the divide on ideology and identity. However, making such broad generalization is unwarranted in the modern day as nations such as Egypt and the Chinese that have achieved a significant level of